MHM law firm was created in 1995 and has developed over the years.

Building on the strength of its complementary partners, MHM practises its expertise in the fields of:
    - commercial law and company law,
    - employment law and welfare law,
    - intellectual property law,
    - the prevention and management of business litigation.

MHM is committed to proximity with its clients, with whom it develops a deep relationship of trust, its method being to involve itself greatly in the life of the businesses that entrust the firm with defending their interests.

MHM through its activity of advising and negotiation, is involved in its clients’ strategic choices and development.

MHM is committee to reacting swiftly and offering its work as a team. It also enables its clients to benefit from its relations and the network of correspondents that it has developed over the last 20 years.

MHM bills its services in a rigorous, clear and transparent manner.