MHM bills its services mainly on the basis of an hourly rate which varies depending on the speciality and the experience of the lawyer dealing with the matter.

As of their first contact, clients are informed of the rates which apply and the manner in which the client-matter will be treated.

The hourly rates applied by the firm vary from 250 Euros to 350 Euros (excluding VAT), depending on the technical complexity of the matter and the lawyer working on it.

The billing of fees, plus expenses which are directly connected with work on the matter, is generally done on a monthly basis and includes a detailed description and identification of each service or incurred expense, and the number of hours dedicated to following up on the matter.

For certain specific matters, a success fee may be agreed upon, in compliance with our code of professional ethics, if this is compatible with the nature of the matter.

In this case, a written agreement will set out the terms and conditions: amount of the fixed fee, definition of the successful result (gains or savings made), percentage of the result, renewal of the agreement in the event of appeal, etc.

Finally, a lump-sum fee may be considered, mainly in the context of recurrent consultations or routine corporate work.
In all cases, our invoicing responds to a triple imperative of rigorousness, transparency and adaptation to the needs of our clients.